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Welcome to Trine Fournais

Welcome to my universe of clays.

Clay is one of nature’s many beautiful gifts to mankind, who found a way to shape it into cups and plates for many thousands of years ago. Even so, it still fascinates us to try and master the living clay and explore the many possibilities it provides. The colours of the clay, textures, combinations and the glazes to decorate it with.

For me a visit in the nature, being the forest, by the ocean or in the mountains – Textures, organic shapes and colours always inspire me to work into the clay and my products. I like to emphasize the originality of the clay, so instead of trying to master the imperfections that appear in the process of shaping the clay – I like to let them be and be a part of the final product.

All products are handmade – handthrown and moulded into something you can enjoy your coffee or dinner from, or whatever purpose you wish to use it for. A plate is not nescessarily a plate and a cup can have many functions.

Welcome, I hope you will enjoy.

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